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Provide High-Quality and Affordable Indulgence

for Everyone Around the World

A nationwide chain brand dedicated to creating
fresh ice cream and tea beverages for young people.
Since its establishment in 1997,
we have consistently adhered to the principles of
high quality and affordability,
aiming to drive better and faster development
in the global ice cream and tea beverage industry.

MIXUE is a Chain Brand Mainly Focusing

on Ice Cream and Tea Drinks

MIXUE is a sweet business initiated by Mr. Zhang Hong Chao in Zhengzhou, Henan Province, China in 1997. It specializes in creating trendy ice cream and tea drinks for young people. After more than 20 years of development, the number of global stores has exceeded 25,000, covering 31 provinces, cities, autonomous regions in China and overseas markets.

In order to make every ice cream and tea drink well, MIXUE brand jointly serves with three major companies: MIXUEBINGCHENG Co., Ltd. leads the operation and management; Daka International Foods Co., Ltd. leads the research, development and production; Shangdao Smart Supply Chain Co., Ltd.

provides warehousing and logistics services, and the three major companies have collaborated to form a complete industrial chain, ensuring the rapid growth of MIXUE in the domestic beverage industry, and committed to promoting better and faster development of the global ice cream and tea industry.


I Love You You Love Me
Mixue Ice Cream and Tea

This love is the love of the boss for the employees and the love of employees and employees; it is the love of employees and customers, as well as customers

The love with MIXUE; the love of customers and customers, and the love of MIXUE to customers!


The super words of MIXUE have grafted on the "I love you" that all human beings have said tens of millions of times to express their love. It's clear at a glance,

Catchy and easy to spread, let everyone feel that MIXUE is a loving brand and a loving company!

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about snow king.png

In 2018, MIXUE Officially launching a new brand image

Name | Snow King

Birthday | November 22nd

Characteristic | Adorable and Dedicated

Title | Chief Quality Officer, Lifetime Spokesperson of Mixue Ice Cream & Tea

Mantra |  I love you. You love me. Mixue Ice Cream and Tea.

Hobbies | Singing. Dancing. Exploring new ways to devour ice cream and tea. Mouth-watering on spotting a favourite milk tea store.

Self-introduction |  I am Snow King. I hold an ice cream sceptre. I love ice cream and tea forever and ever.

MIXUE Culture

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